Questo plugin non fa altro che caricare un feed pubblico da Flickr, secondo i parametri passati come specificato in Flickr Services->Public photos feed.
E’ possibile, tra l'altro, specificare quale dimensione delle immagini contenute nel feed usare come thumbnail e a cosa far puntare il link.


<txp:pcg_flickrfeed  thumb="s" linkto="m" 
limit="3" tags="palermo" randomsort="true" 
wraptag="ul" labeltag="label" 
label="Palermo su Flickr" break="li"/>

  • PALERMO 2018 094
  • Les Apôtres Thomas et Philippe, mosaïque romano-byzantine, église de la Martorana (XIIe-XVIe-XVIIIe) ou Santa Maria dell'Amiraglio, piazza Bellini, Palerme, Sicile, Italie.
  • PALERMO 2018 074

A Flickr "Public photos feed" returns a list of (last 20) public photos matching some criteria. (
Can be called without attributes or by specifying the following feed parameters:

  • id: a unique flickr user ID to match example
  • ids: a comma separated flickr IDs
  • tags: a comma separated list of flickr tags
  • tagmode: whether photos must have ALL the tags (tagmode='all'), or ANY (tagmode='any') of the tags. Default is ALL.

Moreover you can use:
  • limit: a number < 20 to limit the photos that will be shown
  • randomsort: default to 'false', set it to 'true' to have the photos shuffled each time the page loads.
  • thumb: default to 's', to control the size of the thumbnail
    • 's' -> small, square 75x75 pixels;
    • 't' -> small, default aspect ratio, 100 px the greater side;
    • 'm' -> medium size, default aspect ratio, 240 px the greater side.
  • linkto: default to 'm', to control what to link to the thumbnail. Possible values are:
    • 'm' -> the image in the medium size
    • 'o' -> the image in the original size
    • 'flickr' -> to link to the flickr page for that image.

If you don't use 'flickr' for the linkto parameter, an attribute rel (default:'ibox', but you can change it the usual way) will be added to the link for you to use a javascript like IBegin IBox (

Finally you can specify the wellknown textpattern tag parameters:
wraptag, class, labeltag, label and break